Monday, July 29, 2013

5 reasons YOU should go for overseas exchange

It's been 1 month since I've returned from my overseas exchange. I still cannot believe I spent 4.5 months in my dream city, a place i've been dreaming of going since i was 10 or sth. I don't even know the reason why i'm so insistent on going to Rome. However, I do not regret choosing the beautiful place to spend my exchange experience in.

Here's 5 reasons for those who are still contemplating on whether to go for ur dream exchange:

1) You only live once! DUH! There's no better time than to travel while you are young. If you worry about staying in a foreign land for 5mths, it's understandable. I did too but it's a good chance to learn more about yourself and your dreams.

2) Learn about other cultures better and faster than what you learn in books. I learn more about WWII during my 4-day stay in Berlin then what i've learnt throughout my life in school. If you have a question about another culture, simply ask your international friend about it! They're more than happy to share about their country and then, they will ask about yours. :)

3) Whatever awesome pasta/pizza you thought you tasted in Singapore, forget it once you step into the land of pizza (Italy). There is nothing better than tasting the local cuisines in the country itself! I did not know Carbonara was 'dry' until i reached Italy and fell in love with it. There's so much more learn when u're travelling! Don't be satisfied with your life in Singapore. Travel and you will realise there is more to life than grades and results.

4) Get the chance to have the option to choose. Want to bungee jump? Go for it! Want to drink? Go for it! Want to feed the pigeons? Go for it!  I may not have the urge to complete all these tasks, but it feels awesome to have the option to do so. I can choose to do it if i want to and no one is going to judge me for it. That could be the moment where you learn to appreciate more for what you have rather than you don't.

5) The thought of being independent. Decide for yourself where you want to go. You will be responsible for your own travels. This could be the only time where you can choose to go wherever you want! If you want to visit another EU country over the weekend, just buy the air/train tix and fly over! This is only possible when you stay in an EU country for a 'long' period of time. It's the best time for you to be reckless(in a gd way) and spontaneous. Of course, managing your expenses may be a chore but trust me, it's worth it. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Noi Siamo Infinito.

Just found out about the passing of a prof in my home university today. It was shocking to find out about this sudden news and I took a course under him in y1. I remembered thinking what a charismatic speaker he was and how I truly enjoyed the course. He highly encouraged us to go for our dreams. I did not understand that at first (regarding GPA as top priority) but seeing how fragile life can be, I'm slowly beginning to understand the importance of embracing the moment and how many people failed to do so. I hope I am living the moment now and I'm very blessed that everyone around me is safe & sound.

Despite having some small mishaps in Rome, I think it is fate that led me here. :)
To be independent, finding true friends and discovering my true self.  
Stay safe everyone! 

Tiramisu in Rome?

If you are in Rome and in the mood for a sweet dessert, you have to try their tiramisu! They come in a variety of flavours and you can easily request for the counter to mix so you can try all flavours. We had the traditional flavour, pistachio and coconut! Anything with pistachio is awesome and you can find pistachio flavour in almost all the desserts and pastries in Rome. Def a place for pistachio lover like me :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ciao! Venice, Italy!

Hi guys! Sorry for the long hiatus! I'm currently on school exchange and hence, will be converting this blog to a travel blog for the span of 6 months. Whee~ Hello from Rome, Italy everyone! I'm currently snuggling up in my couch, as I'm typing this blog post. Gotta type quickly as the internet is bonkers when everyone else is awake. I still can't believe I am in Italy for 6 months, despite being having reached here for a week! I have not spent much time in Rome yet as we took the train off to Venice to catch the annual masquerade carnivale. Venice is one of my most highly anticipated city in Italy and it did not disappoint.
I highly recommended buying the water bus pass for 18 Euros (For youths) and you can use it to travel anywhere within Venice. I always choose to sit outside when i'm on the boat even though it was freezing. It's an experience you have to try and you get to see Venice from another angle! :)

One of my fave places in Venice is the Burano Island.It's definitely worth half a day of exploring and just enjoying the unique architecture of pastel coloured houses. It's so beautiful and I really want to go back someday! In line with the Carnivale, the kids also dressed up in costumes at Burano and everyone was in masks and superheroes outfits!

We notice PDA-ing everywhere. LOL But isnt this a nice shot? :)

You have to try the Carbonara when u're in Italy. It's totally different from the ones we have in SG. It's drier, less creamy and wayyyyy tastier! Even if you're not a fan of cheese, you won't be disappoint by the taste of the Carbonara here. :)

P.s i really want to try blogging regularly on my adventures in Italy and anywhere in Europe. Fingers cross i can keep to that promise! :) Ciao! Till next time everyone!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Jacqueline Burchell (Singapore) Nail Polishes

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing a set of polishes from Jacqueline Burchell (Singapore). Being a huge fan of nail polishes and manicures, I love to do my nails once a week at home as my finger nails are soooo brittle. Gelish seems like a good solution but I love to mix up my colours, hence i prefer to DIY at home.

Jacqueline Burchell provides a wide range of polishes from Gel to Lacquer and they have recently launched their 2013 collection. I've been eyeing the green as Pantone has declared green to the colour of 2013.

Anyws, back to the set i tried:) The set came in a very pretty sachet with 4 mini bottles(5 ml) to complete your very own manicure. Isn't the packaging absolutely thoughtful? :D I was pleasantly surprised by the effort they went into presenting their products.


Here are the 4 products in close up!
From the left: Calcium Base Coat, Nail Lacquer in Tinsel Town, Top Coat, Cuticle Oil
First of all, I really like the packaging. It's very small and compact. I'm glad they do also offer nail polishes in mini sizes as I never get through a full bottle of nail polish. Mini size enable me to try out the colours before deciding if I want to get the full size OR I can get a couple of mini nail lacquer instead a full bottle of nail lacquer:D Perfect for a nail junkie like me!

Jacqueline Burchell Calcium Base coat
Starting off with base coat. The liquid is pink based but it applies clear on the fingers. First thing you notice when you unscrew the cap is a very strong alcoholic scent. It lingers for awhile then dissipate completely after a couple of seconds. The base coat does what it is supposed to do, after applying the base coat, I do notice it evens out the surface of my nails and the polish applied easily afterwards. All the polishes brushes are slightly wider which i like as my nail surface is rather big. Hahas. Wider brush heads also reduce streaking as you can easily cover the surface area of the nail with 2 swipes.


Moving on to the nail lacquer I received, it is gorgeous rose gold colour with pink/purple glitter flecks. I'm usually not a big fan of glitter polishes but I really like this rose gold colour! It is a very unique colour and I have not seen any possible dupes for this colour. For any glitter fans, definitely try this colour & you won't be disappointed! :)

Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer - Tinseltown
IMG_1885 IMG_1872

One thing i like about this polish is the amount of shine it gives! It is so shiny after it dries, even without the top coat. I remember skyping my friend while doing my nails and i showed her over the webcam, both of us agreeing at how reflective the nail colour is. HAHA! It's really opaque as well. 2 coats and you're good to go! :)

Top Coat

The top coat dries very fast and provides a shiny finish to the polish. I always use a quick dry top coat when i do my nails as i like to meddle with things all the time. My standard manicure time is 30 minutes and I'm glad this top coat does its job! :) 5 minutes into applying the coat and my nails are dry!:D

Cuticle Oil
Last but not least, it is the cuticle oil. It moisturises my cuticles, a step which i always forget to do. However, upon application of the cuticle oil, i do notice my dry cuticles are less obvious and the corners look less 'peel-ly' if you know what i mean.


Total time doing this manicure = 30 mins (including application time)
Calcium base coat - 5 minutes
Nail lacquer 1st coat- 5 minutes
Nail lacquer 2nd coat- 5 minutes
Top Coat- 5 minutes
Cuticle oil - 2 minutes

Quick & easy to apply
Dry fast
Opaque colours
Awesome finishes

Strong alcoholic scent

Overall, I like these products and thumbs up for a SG brand in making such awesome formulas colours!:)

Check out Jaqueline Burchell Singapore at:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favourite blushes of 2012

Hey guys! As you know, i'm a huge blush fanatic and i'm always on the hunt for a new blush colour/brand. Hence, I would like to share my top 4 picks of 2012! There are drugstores and high end ones. I'll be mostly sharing my most used blushes in 2012, & believe me, i have ALOT of blushes.

Here I present to you my top 4 blushes of 2012:

From the left: NARS Sin, Majolica Majorca puff de cheek in Cherry
Stila convertible lip/cheek colour in lillium, Nars Douceur 

Majorlica Majorca puff de cheek in Cherry
 I have 2 of the Majolica Majorca blushes and i have to say Cherry is one of my favourites! It is very cherry red colour which gives you a very nice flush on the cheeks. I usually stay away from pink blush because it makes my sensitive cheeks look very red. Hence, i'm kinda surprise i even picked out this blush since it's red! However, this colour is really popular in Japan now and it looks gorgeous on yellow skin tones like me. The colour wears pretty well if i were to stay indoors in whole day. The best thing is it doesnt oxidise/turn colour throughout the day. I usually use the puff to apply the blush as i think the brush doesnt pick up much product. Be aware that the blush is very pigmented and hence i suggest using a light hand.

Nars Douceur
'Nuff said. Most natural blush ever. If i want a more natural look or the no makeup look, i always go to this blush. When i first bought it, i wore it everyday for 2 months. Shows how much i love it!

Nars Sin
This is one of the first NARS blush i bought & i never regretted it. It is a plummy pink which looks super natural on the skin. Do note that it is extremely pigmented and you only need to use a very light hand. This is very unique colour and I think it's definitely worth the price. NARS blushes are very long lasting which is another factor why I love NARS blushes.

Stila Convertible lip/cheek colour in Lillium
One of the most popular Stila cream blush. It's a natural browny pink which definitely shows up well on the cheek. I find it easier to apply with a brush, easy to blend. Usually i'll just use my traditional foundation brush to apply it. Last the whole day if you set it with a powder/blush overlay. I want to get another one! I think it is reasonably priced as well, 35SGD in Sephora which is not too bad for a higher end blush. :) I give it a big thumb up!:D

What about your favourite blushes? :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New fave red lippie? Review: Canmake lipstick in 03

Hey guys! The red lip has been really in trend lately. Major celebrities and runways are all donning the classic red lip. However, i always find it hard to pull off, without looking too mature/old for my age. My friend recommended me the Canmake lipstick in 03 a long time ago, raving about it and saying tt it will definitely suit my skin tone. So, I randomly picked it up from watson, unsure of how it will look on me. Surprisingly, it's a really pretty colour and i do not find it too bold to wear in the daytime.

Isn't the packaging gorgeous? It looks very sleek and well made. The cap closes very tightly as well.

This red lipstick is more of a reddish pink as compared to other American/European brands. This is also why I prefer japanese products as the colours usually suit asian skin tones better. 

It is very pigmented and applies true to colour from the tube. It gives quite glossy finish which i like and applies very smoothly on the lips. The only downside is that because of it's creaminess, the colour does slide around alittle but nothing too major. This colour is able to last 3-4 hours on my lips with slight fading. Overall, i do recommend this! Thanks to Luyao who has recommended the colour to me!:D

Wearing Canmake's lip colour in 03